Carla Fehr

baby Milo

Hi there,

Welcome to On the Road with Milo. My name is Carla Fehr.

You can usually find me in the Philosophy Department at the University of Waterloo where I hold the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy. I earned my BSc from the University of Saskatchewan and my PhD from Duke University. For more than 20 years I’ve been lecturing, teaching, and conducting research on the nature of science.

milo in the snow

As Milo developed from an adorable puppy into a noble/goofy adult, I found myself thinking about companion animals in general, and German Shepherd Dogs in particular, more and more. I’m grateful to friends and colleagues who generously listen to my continual dog talk. I know I tend to go on and on (I mean, look at how handsome he is…) so out of courtesy I’ve made a rule for myself. When there is a lull in the conversation I count to 10 before launching into descriptions of Milo’s wit, grace, and charm.

This project is a chance to look more closely at the social, political, and scientific research on the dogs who share our lives, and to do so from the perspective of my relationship with Milo the AwesomeDog.