Training plan June 11-18

This week we’re taking our training outside. I’ll fold a session into our first and last walk of the day.milob1

  • 1 minute sit and down stays.
  • 10 steps of focused heeling that starts and ends with a nice sit.
  • Stand from front position.
  • Clean up 6 toys in one room (I guess this one will have to happen at home).

I’ll use a clicker for the heel and stand exercises to help with my timing.


10 step heel 10 step heel
Stand from front sit Stand from front sit
1 minute sit stay 1 minute down stay
Clean 6 toys Clean 6 toys

I’ll also track down the first 10 CKC Rally signs and look for a Rally app to help with setting up training courses.

Please comment if you have any suggestions!

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