Killbear Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

The best thing about Killbear is the off-leash dog beach. A pine needle covered path winds through mature forest to a nearly deserted black and red sand beach. A perfect place for a frolic and swim.Killbear dog beach 2Milo had a great time–he deserved some fun exercise after a long drive.

silhouette of a German Shepherd Dog against sunset on a lake

sunset frolic at Killbear Provincial Park dog beach

6 thoughts on “Killbear Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

  1. I will be camping at Killbear soon with my family, which includes 2 large dogs, a standard poodle and a golden doodle. Thanks for this info about the dog area. I think that’s where we’ll be spending our beach time! Booked a site at Lighthouse Point, since it’s the closest to the dog area, I hope it’s not too far a walk.


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