For the love of dog: The ethical dimensions of canine cognition research

Love makes science better!

I am very pleased to be presenting my first academic conference paper on my research on human-animal relationships at FEMMSS 7.

My paper is called “For the love of dog: The ethical dimensions of canine cognition research,” and it explore how love, as both an emotion and a value, provides a way to refigure the ethical dimensions of research on canine minds and leads to methodological advances in scientific practice. I focus on the work of Gregory Berns at Vanderbilt University who used fMRI to investigate canine cognition.

For those of you who might be attending my paper, here are my slides: for the love of dog for web. For some reason I deleted the bibliography, but since I have to give my paper in a couple of hours, that fix will have to wait until later.

I’ll talk about this more soon, but for now I have to run!


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