Milo the AwesomeDog on the Lake Huron shore

Milo and I concur: MacGregor Point Provincial Park remains a fabulous place for camping with dogs. We started our camping season with a week-long trip to Ontario’s West Coast, the Lake Huron shore. MacGregor’s Algonquin campground has quiet, private sites nestled in a lush cedar forest. In addition to ample hiking, the park includes an expansive natural shoreline with lots of room for your canine companion to enjoy a swim. I suspect this is Milo’s favorite place to visit!

FYI, we stayed in campsite #67–a level, pull-through site with electricity, a firepit, and a picnic table.

smiling German shepherd looking right into the camera.

“I love you, Mom. Can we swim now?”

German shepherd resting his nose on a piece of driftwood

This is a good stick. Someone needs to throw it in the lake…”

silhouette of German shepherd head against a blue lake with a red orange and blue sky This sunset would be prettier if I were wet.

wet German shepherd laying on a beach with a blue lake in the background

Finally! Swimming!

4 thoughts on “Milo the AwesomeDog on the Lake Huron shore

  1. Beautiful photos!!! Mike and I are searching for dog-friendly parks and hiking places in the US and Canada (to explore when he retires next year). Adding this to our list! Thanks Carla! Hope you are enjoying your trip with your beautiful Milo!


  2. I hate to admit that I found your lovely blog months and months ago, yet am just now commenting. I found your blog as I was searching for “camping with German Shepherds.” I’ve had GSDs for decades now, beginning with my first girl (Miko) who came to me quite by accident when I was 18 and first starting college and living on my own. She’d had a terrible start in life as an 8-week-old and a friend brought her to me thinking I was a good place for her to go. He was right. She was nearly 18 before she left me, and cinched my love of GSDs for the rest of my life. I’m now only 2 weeks away from my 53rd birthday and currently get to call myself “mother of GSDs” of two full-of-themselves canines, Zeke and Roxie. Roxie is actually a mix of GSD and Malinois and I had to seriously up my “dog leader” game with that one! Anyway, I’ve been plotting and scheming to get a travel trailer and go see the sights of America on vacation with my two “goons” and my dear husband. And that’s how I happened across you and Milo. Thank you for all the wonderful dog stories (I often shake my head and say “yep!”) and beyond-thoughtful commentary. Love to you and Milo.

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    • Thank you! Your comment made me grin and reading it is a great way to start the weekend. ❤ It is always nice to hear from another gsd lover. I haven't blogged about this yet, but I am waiting for a working line gsd puppy who I'm sure, like your Mal, will make me up my game one more step. Also, get that travel trailer. It will take you and your gang on lots of adventures.


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