Gift ideas for German Shepherd lovers

Are you having trouble coming up with gift ideas for the German Shepherd lover in your life? Here are some possibilities:

Gifts for the dog.

Love me, love my dog. When people buy my dog Milo presents, I find it adorable. What to get though?

Dog treats and chews! Just remember that GSD’s can have finicky stomachs, so it’s a good idea to snoop around and see what your friend usually gives her dog. Or, you can ask for her advice on good treats and chews, and she’ll likely tell you all you need to know.

  • Bully Sticks are great chews but can be pricey, so they make a great gift.

Toys! My dog is a pretty typical GSD in that he goes through toys like a wood chipper and so new toys are always appreciated. If you like the person, avoid squeakers!


Admittedly these gifts are utilitarian instead of romantic. But a dog lover can always  use things like:

Coupon book for dog chores.

To have a German Shepherd is to love a German Shepherd, but these dogs are a lot of work. One gift idea is to make a coupon book for dog chores that you’re willing to help out with. Warning, this only works if you have zero responsibility for the dog. It’s not a gift if it is something that, in all fairness, you should be doing already. Here are some ideas for the coupons:

  • Walk dog on a cold day
  • Walk dog on a rainy day
  • Clean up poop in the yard
  • Bathe dog
  • Dremel dog’s nails
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Vacuum house
  • Vacuum the car

German Shepherd themed stuff.

German Shepherds are the second most common dog breed in North America, and our make-a-lot-of-junk industrial complex has capitalized on this fact. You can buy German Shepherd themed everything–seriously you can find pictures of German Shepherds on everything from pot holders, salt shakers, and coffee mugs, to leggings, hats, and hoodies, to keychains, mousepads, and Christmas tree ornaments. Type “German Shepherd” into the search fields on or and you’ll have more ideas than you can throw a stick at.

Why not get a cute German Shepherd tote bag, and fill it up with all sorts of fun doggy things?

Walking in a winter wonderland.

German Shepherds take their people on long walks in all sorts of weather. Anything that takes the sting out of cold winter walks will be appreciated: gloves, hats, scarves, socks, insulated coffee mugs, you get the picture.


It is easy to find all sorts of GSD themed jewelry. Most of it is cute, but much of it is of questionable quality. Remember that you get what you pay for.

What about a locket with a picture of your friend’s dog in it? eBay always has an excellent selection of lockets that won’t break the bank. And if you have money to burn, you can’t go wrong with Tiffany’s!

Photos from the heart.

Do you have a great shot of your friend and their dog? If you do, put it in a frame and wrap it up! You could also find a high-quality pet photographer in your area and treat your friend to a professional photo shoot.

Worst Present EVER.

Are you a risk taker? Some people call German Shepherds “German Shedders.” These dogs leave clouds of fur, all over the house, all year long. If you’re brave and have zero romantic hopes about the dog lover in your life, you might consider giving them a vacuum.

What items would you add to this gift list?

This blog is about RV travel, dogs, and science. Click here for my RV travel-themed gift list and stay tuned for my science-themed gift ideas 😉

Gift ideas for a woman RV traveler

When it comes to RV traveling and full-time RV living, space and weight are limited. Anyone who spends a lot of time in an RV already has everything they need, and probably can’t carry much more than they already have. So, how on earth do you choose a gift for them? I surveyed friends and Facebook and came up with lots of ideas:

Gift cards. A gift card can be a very thoughtful present for some who travels a lot. My Mom sent me a Tim Hortons card, and I thought of her fondly every morning as I sipped my coffee. Here are some gift card ideas:

  • Amazon
  • Canadian Tire
  • Gas Cards
  • Starbucks
  • Tim Hortons
  • Restaurant chains
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op

Gift certificates. If you want to make someone happy, buy them a massage after a long drive. Yum.

  • Spa day
  • Pedicure
  • Camping stores

Consumables. The goodness of most of these things is obvious. But an RV traveler might be the only person who would actually appreciate charcoal for Christmas.

  • Chocolates/cookies/candy
  • Coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  • Cheeses/jerky/salty snacks
  • Wine
  • S’more fixings
  • Home baked goods
  • Flowers
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Matches/lighters/candles
  • Charcoal/wood/fire starters

Cozy, comfy things. Things to fight off the early morning chill are always nice.

  • Electric blanket
  • Essential oil dispenser and some essential oils
  • Sparkly things to hang in the windows
  • Nice throw
  • Fleece pj’s
  • Hoodie
  • Good socks
  • Fuzzy footed onesie
  • Woolen hat and mittens

Useful things. Utilitarian presents are only good if the recipient actually needs them, so you have to do your homework. If they have everything they need, remember that a nicer or newer or upgraded version of something they already have can also be a great gift. Pay attention to what they complain about—it will give you an idea of what needs upgrading.

  • Solar powered flashlight
  • Solar powered lamp
  • Solar powered USB charger
  • Heavy-duty flashlight
  • Headlamp
  • Cooler
  • Compass
  • Heavy leather woman-sized work gloves
  • Insulated water jug with a spigot
  • Good doormat
  • Boot scraper for outside the door

Pricier items. Notice that these items are small and useful.

  • Kindle
  • Tablet
  • Camera
  • Binoculars

What items would you add to this gift list?

This blog is about RV travel, dogs, and science. Stay tuned for the dog and science-themed gift lists. 😉