Training plan June 4-10

My overall goal is to get Milo titled in CKC Rally Obedience.

This week we will work on:milob1

  • 3 minute sit and down stays (medium distractions when we are at home, and mild distractions when we are out).
  • three steps of focused heeling that starts and ends with a nice sit.
  • still front feet for stand-from-sit (just popping out his butt). We’ll do this on a front foot target at home (which he already knows) or on a picnic table if we are out.
  • clean up 3 toys in one room.

I’ll use a clicker for the heel and stand exercises to help with my timing.

We’ll do two, five-minute training sessions on six of the next seven days.

Heel position Heel position
Stand from sit Stand from sit
3 minute sit stay 3 minute down stay
Clean three toys Clean three toys

I’ll also keep going on Ed Frawley’s article, The Power of Training Dogs with Markers.

Check back at the end of the week for an update on our progress!

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