Rowdyism in Provincial Parks

Did you know that “rowdyism” is a thing? It is, and it is also against the law in Ontario’s Provincial Parks.

The Grundy Lake Provincial Park 2017 Information Guide says that you are engaging in rowdyism when you

  • Use discriminatory, harassing, abusive, or insulting language or gestures
  • Make excessive noise
  • Disturb other persons
  • Operate audio device in prohibited area

The minimum fines for the first three items on this list is $150.00. That’s right, a person can be fined $150.00 for using discriminatory language. That is great.

But, a person can also get fined a $150.00 for using abusive or insulting language. @#$% that. Just kidding. I’ve limited the amount of time I spend listening to the news and so have really cut down on my cussing. I’ll be fine.

The Guide explains that

You cannot disturb any other person or interfere with their enjoyment of the park at any time of the day or night.

I am on board with this. I want my parks quiet and discrimination free, and a prohibition against rowdyism pushes, I hope, in that direction.

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